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The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is just around the corner. Every cricket fan is excited and eagerly waiting for June. The tickets are out, and up for grabs!

For the disheartened fans who are struggling with finances to buy their tickets, no guarantor loans are here for you!

Loan for Tickets?

Yes! These loans come featured with short-terms, offering amount as small as £10, as high as £5000, approval within minutes, and hassle free application process. You can avail these loans even through a single text message.

You will find numerous websites of lenders offering you loans that do not require a guarantor. All you need is to be 18 years or older, a UK Citizen, and to have a bank account.

Once you apply to a reliable lender online, your application is processed. It involves checking your credit history, your financial stability, income and employment status. If you are found to be a low risk applicant, your loan is approved within minutes and the amount is credited to your bank account on the same day.

You would not need anyone to guarantee that the loan will be repaid. 

What is even better is that you are given the freedom to choose your repayment plan. You can opt to either pay back the whole amount at once, or you can take the instalment option. The repayment period is generally available from a week to a few months, depending upon the sum.

What The Catch!

The risk of the lender is priced in the rate of interest. Unavailability of a guarantor and security makes you pay high rate of interest on these loans.

‘Calculate your affordability to decide the loan amount and repayment plan.’

You are advised to follow the above rule. It will help you in repaying the loan without stressing yourself financially.

If you have stable income for some time now, or a good credit score, you would smoothly qualify for a loan. But what if you have neither? That is where you opt for these loans with no guarantor.

A guarantor considers a person with bad credit history to be unreliable to pay the loan back. This poses a risk to the guarantor, and increases his liability. And it is known that no one likes paying for the mistakes of others.

The good news is that with the financial crisis in UK, demand for these no guarantor loans has multiplied manifold over the years. This has made the lenders flexible and open-minded towards all types of applicants. With various options to choose from, rejection at one source is easy to turn into approval at another.


Why let your passions die out? The World Cup is happening in the UK after 20 Years! Do not miss this rare opportunity over little financial issues. The no guarantor loans are here for you, and it does not get easier than this to come out of your temporary financial troubles. Watch the match, and then pay the money back. No ducks, only wins!

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