Life is quite unpredictable, and frankly, it is equally complicated. You can never be prepared for life, and what it may land on your plate, you can try, but its plausibility is quite slim.

People have tried to decipher the meaning behind the unpredictability of life, but again not many have succeeded.

So, understanding life and being fully prepared for all the lemons might give you is impossible.

And for the people who do not have the right bank balance, the middle-class folks like me, are even more prone to being vulnerable in the uncertainties of life.

Money can help one a lot in stressful situations, but not all of us are so lucky to have tons of pounds laying in our man caves.

The result of uncertainties isn’t pleasing at all. I will tell you why.

Unpreparedness and Bad Credit

Imagine the most challenging situation that you can, and imagine that it landed on you.

For me, it would be being hospitalised.

I say this because I have been there. I was in an accident, and my right leg was as good as crushed.

I was in the hospital for months, and then I had rehab for months.

During that time,

  • My insurance had stopped covering my expenses after I was discharged.
  • I could not go to work, because walking seemed like a chore and my job was given to someone else.
  • I had to get a loan to pay for the outstanding hospital bills and the rehab I had to continue for months.
  • I got myself a freelancing job, but it did not well and returning the loan seemed impossible.
  • The result was I had to jump multiple instalments, and my credit score took a nose dive into the bad credit.

 Now, if I had the money to be prepared for this calamity, I might have fared a little bit better.

This a story that has repeated itself so many times that it has become a perpetual occurrence, especially with the middle class.

Bad Credit and Prosperity

The sad part is the difficult situations we experience continue to follow us even when life is being fared to us. Even when life tries to give us some happiness, history won’t let it do it with ease.

A person who has a bad credit history may have changed his circumstances, but the tag does not go away that easily.

Here is an example that will let you understand my point.

  • Buying A New Car

Becoming the owner of a new car is something no one would want to give up. A car is an asset, an asset that will stay with you for a good decade if you keep it in pristine conditions.


Despite having the money to buy the new car,

Despite having the means to repay the loan, which is almost mandatory for the purchase,

The bad credit bearer will not get a loan, and the dream of a new car may very well be a dream.

However, some online lenders can provide you with very bad credit loans with no guarantor from a direct lender to make the dream a reality. The number of these lenders is far, and few and they will dissect your income statement with a fine-tooth comb before giving you their money as your money.

Let me tell you that the dissection does not take that long and the high approval rates almost guaranteed you are driving your car the next day of the application.

The Crux of It All

We often say that history repeats itself, and I believe that many lenders and all the banks have taken this notion far too seriously.

Yes, history does repeat itself, but it is also said that a person learns from his mistakes.

If you were to fall in a pit because you were not looking where you were walking, you would learn from it and watch your steps in the future.

Similarly, if life had made such circumstances for the borrowers that the only way out was through experiencing bad credit, there is a high possibility that he will do everything he can to avoid the same fate again.

So, instalment loans for bad credit provided by direct lenders are not them being foolish. They do their homework on the borrower before approving the loans. It is just that they do not hold the bad credit history on the borrower’s head never to allow him the chance of flourishing in his future. And that to me is the right solution for the financial predicaments faced by the people in the present world.

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