A new year is supposed to bring new fortunes along with the hope of better times. A new year is supposed to make a person forget about all his mistakes and leave his woes behind. A new year is supposed to mark the beginning of a more modern and much more improved world.

That is what it is supposed to do. However, that is not always the case. Look at 2020, and people would have thought that this year would be theirs to shine. 2020 was a leap year, a year that comes after every for a year bringing along an extra day. That extra day should mean that a person would get additional time to make his mark in the world.

Did the year, 2020, do all of that? Are people enjoying it? With the first quarter over, how much greatness have you and the world together achieved?

I think 2020 is the only year, which only brought doom and despair in the lives of everyone, not just one country or one continent but the entire world. It is the only year that people all over the globe wish hadn’t come. People want 2019 back because then death was not looming over our heads.

In such unfortunate times, I wish I had a time machine. I could have either warned the world about the COVID-19 and save the people who have died. Or I could just fast forward to next year, hoping that 2021 may just turn the fortunes in our favor.


When the corona virus first emerged, nobody, not even the medical practitioners, thought that it would escalate to such numbers. After all, its mortality rate is only 2-3%. It could not, more like should not have become a pandemic.

The US President, Donald Trump, compared it to the seasonal flu, saying Americans need not worry at all. However, he was wrong. The COVID-19 is ten times more deadly than the seasonal flu, which kills about 500,000 people every year. Now, you do the math.

Did you know that there are 195 countries in the world? Out of these 195, 180 have been infringed by the coronavirus. As of April 3rd, there have been about a million confirmed cases of this virus. Out of these, around 200,000 have successfully recovered, and over 50,000 have lost the battle against it.

These numbers are heart-wrenching, but they become even more distressing when you take into account the fact that this virus is nowhere near its culmination. At present, there are no signs of it waning.

Some suggest that as the temperature rises, the virus would perish. But Africa is already quite hot in April, and still, people are getting infected there. What about the Scandinavian nations, they are never too hot, will the virus never wane there?

All these numbers and facts are making it difficult for people to live healthy lives. Every person in the world is terrified of getting it. A tiny microscopic organism has made the mighty humans hide in their homes.


In times when the entire world is on house arrest, in times when even going out to get groceries feels like a mission, in times when social distancing has become a ubiquitous culture, do you think anybody would wish to travel?

Yes, the aviation and tourist industry are the most devastated by the COVID-19. With the majority of the countries, like UK, USA, Italy, and India, being on total lockdown, the tourism sector is at a standstill. For the countries that have tourism as the core of their economy, like Thailand and Nepal, the future could not seem bleaker.

In Europe, Italy, Spain, and France were the most popular tourist attractions. Now, these are the countries that are the most debilitated by the virus. Nobody is going to travel and see their glory anytime soon.
That is the state of the tourism sector. It could not be more desolate.


The tourism industry is the most hard-hit, and the tourist is the most discouraged. Imagine a person who is on the road for about 200 days in a year, the rest of the time he works to fund his travels. This person is now stuck in the four walls of his home; how would he feel?

Staying at home on your terms is acceptable, but when a quarantine is imposed, we feel trapped. I, along with the rest of us, know that staying at home is good and that of our families. But still, our homes have turned into cages for almost all of us.

No morning runs, no going for drinks with your mates, no movie nights, no parties and wedding to attend, no more exploring the world, and until when? Nobody knows for sure, not us, not the governments and certainly not the doctors. Maybe God knows it, but I can’t be sure about that as well.
Being stuck at home, with no work, since all the non-essential businesses have become non-performing, what does a person do at home?

He hopes, for a better future, for being free, for travelling the world. I am about 100% sure that when the COVID-19 disquiet would end, the tourism industry would flourish like never before.

People have been locked inside their homes for almost a month, and man is not meant to be caged. So when we are free from confinement, we would want to travel and travel like we have not ever traveled in our lives. Even if it means that people would have to take loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor, they would, since unemployment has peaked in the pandemic.

Yes, the times we are living in are challenging, there is a perpetual fear of becoming infected and dying. However, even a sliver of hope can make the world not seem as gloomy as it is. Always hope for better times, fantasize about the things you will do, and the places you will see. Daydream about them, and maybe you will not be overcome by anxiety all the time.

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