This is an age of heightened technological evolutions and rigorous digital transformations. The scheme of automation in every area of business is being implemented by the company’s worldwide.

With the immaculate infusions of Artificial Intelligence, Big data, Machine Learning, Algorithms, clod technology, etc. in every public domain of work to simplify processes and negate the redundant ones.

Things and the workability aspect of working through digital means seem to be quite straightforward. Some few right clicks on a Smartphone or laptop on a website can do wonders for its earnings, which is the deemed assumption of all.

This is the cardinal reason because of which many new and upcoming startups are emerging in the digital marketing domain. However, things are to the contrary, and everything is not rosy in the digital space.

A higher number of companies has brought about a cut-throat competition in terms of selling, products delivery practices, manner of service offerings as well as the payment systems fraud.

To name, these are only a few things that are bothering the business right now.

Nevertheless, one of the essential and crucial aspects of marketing a business has made the marketing department of a company lose sleep over devising innovative strategies for better customer/consumer impact. 


Marketing is that inevitable function in a business that leads to the advertisement and promotion of the products and service offerings for the brand establishment and market recognition.

Marketing is a certain function in a business that leads to the advertisement and promotion of the products and service offerings for the brand establishment and market recognition.

Besides, undertaking this function, this age is majorly done with the help of digital tools and consumer-centric data.

Much of the resources are allocated for floating elaborate advertisements and marketing campaigns, yet one loses out to the competitors, because of various reasons.

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Below mentioned are some of the noteworthy and relevant thoughts on making a company’s marketing strategy better:


 Customers and consumers are the kings in this era, and no one raises questions on this.

The key to tapping in the vast pool of customer satisfaction is by gathering many relevant and useful data for various management decisions.

Understanding the desires, expectations of people from the company is essential.

 Understanding what makes them purchasing a product from the company appealing is decisive for gaining the right direction in marketing efforts.

In this, customer/consumer: 

  • Does the Segmentation, 
  • Develop the latest software to predict their pattern of shopping and other behavior
  • Does the customer servicing one to one personalized basis, with two-way friendly engagements and candid feedback processes
  • Make the hyper-personalization efforts including realistic recommendations
  • Take the geographical, cultural and nature differentiations into account seriously while making tailor-made offerings


This is the top element to exploit and gain tremendously.

The behavior of the masses overall is turning towards what they feel, intend, like, prefer, want, and need, unlike the old days when just some offerings were made, and simple sales happened.

As emerging companies are increasing day by day and the choices to choose from also numerous, this factor solely determines about 90% of the purchasing decision of a person.

For determining what the customer would do next, by making use of Social listening tools like Hubspot, Hootsuite, buffer, tweet reach is very resourceful.

Social listening involves the monitoring and analysis of a company’s brand presence in various social media platforms for image and reputation building. 


The tech-savvy millennial never seem to get away from their Smartphone, and to leverage, this will only reap outstanding sales numbers.

You should allot exclusively marketing experts for focusing on mobile and Smartphone promotions.

 Not only by designing a website which is Smartphone compatible, but also streams of marketing efforts should be in practice as: 

  •  Mobile site redirection
  • Location-based services 
  • Bluetooth
  • QR Code marketing
  • In-game mobile marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Push notifications
  • App-based marketing
  • SMS marketing 

Additionally, technocrats and other technology experts should be employed to undertake research and develop deviceful means of marketing. 


This type of advertising enables the dissemination of the product offering theme only to the right people at the right time, thus saving lots of costs and energy in not engaging in frivolous marketing endeavors. 

 Research shows that over 60 % of marketers use programmatic advertisements as it enables to give:  

  • High graphic precision, 
  • Reduced costs, 
  • No scope for human error, 
  • Efficiency, 
  • Cross-device functionality
  • Better customer segmentation, 
  • Cross-device attribution vendors, 
  • Testing of ads 
  • Creative and engaging tailor-made offerings

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