Unfold financial opportunities through unemployed loans

Unemployment is always destructive for your personal finances. Need for money to cover expenses in the absence of regular income is the first thing to catch attention. After you exploit all the available sources of funds, additional assistance may require. In that case, unemployed loans are worthy to serve the purpose. TargetLoans, an online lender provides these loans with a small tenure and loan amount to help you tackle the stress in personal finances.

With short and quick procedure, we ensure the timely availability of funds. Every moment is precious for financial stability during unemployment. There is no demand for documentation to facilitate help at the right moment.  100% online procedure let things happen faster. The instant approval decision policy gives an even better experience to every borrower.

To qualify for funds, you can provide any earning proof to prove the repayment capacity. Income from freelance work, part-time job, rental income, small business whatever it is. We only want to know that the fund seeker can pay back the borrowed money. If that is possible, it is also practical to get the loan without a guarantor.

loans for unemployed

The loan term is small, that starts from 6 months, and the maximum depends on your creditworthiness. Same is the case with the loan amount. The least limit is £1000, but the ultimate limit depends on the financial efficiency to repay the loan. Due to the nature of tenure and borrowing restriction, the short-term loan for unemployed is another term to use for the loan product.

Where do we differ from other available choices of loans for unemployed?

Several factors make us dissimilar in the type of treatment to the borrowers. Here is how we confirm the comfort for the borrowers.

Approve application even if you have a refused loan

Rejection of loan request happens very quickly when you have no job. TargetLoans accepts the application despite the mark of rejection/refusal in your credit records. As our only condition is your repayment capacity, we do not take time to send a ‘yes’ to funds if you can pay off.

Self-dependent due to own capital

We provide you funds through our own source of funds. It makes us self-dependent and denies the need of any third-party support. We are self-sufficient to help our customers. It gives us the liberty to keep the interest rates fixed, which finally reaches to you as the borrower in the form of cheap deals.

Borrow assured funds for long-term despite no job

Sounds stunning! Right? But this is possible through our guaranteed loans for unemployed. The word ‘guaranteed’ describes the presence of assured approval on a straightforward situation. Provide a guarantor and take the money. With this feature, you can easily avail funds for a longer tenure, make sure the guarantor is backed with a good credit rating.

No reluctance towards people on unemployment benefits

As mostly happens, people living on benefits fail to borrow money because the lending companies act reluctant. They take it as the income of the applicant and then deny assisting the borrower. We are different here too and conveniently accept fund seekers on benefits. We also consider it as the income but to judge your repayment capacity.

Welcome to fair credit scorers (721-880)

Our borrower-friendly approach provides you loans for unemployed with not only bad credit but also fair credit score.  There is no chance that we expect something illogical from you. It is natural that after losing a job, the credit rating may fall from good to fair credit score due to delay in paying the bills and debts. In this case, it can be not very reasonable to ask you to have an excellent credit score for the loan approval. No, we are okay with whatever is your credit score. Just provide us with the salary proof from the last employer, present the bank statement, and best is the offer letter of the new company if you have got the job.

To ensure the ease to our customers, we can break any stereotype as the ultimate goal of our existence as a direct lender is to bring financial well-being.

A glance at the loan features

With every loan deal, you get certain comforts. They are –

  • All-purpose – You do not need to mention a list of reasons for us. This only wastes time and adds nothing positive in the final aim of attaining funds. We don’t ask you many questions about why you want to borrow money.
  • Same day fund disbursement – A help is useful only if it reaches at the right time. After approval (instant) of your application, we transfer funds on the same day. Sometimes within an hour, you get the precious pounds.
  • Customisation – Every borrower has different financial condition and, it is not fair to apply generalised lending rules on all. We provide customised offers that relate easily to individual circumstances. This feature also helps you achieve quick loans and save time.
  • Flexible repayment plans – You can discuss the schedule as well as the mode of paying instalments. The flexible repayments allow every borrower to get a tailored schedule of payment date. Also, it is possible for you to decide whether you want the auto-debit or will transfer the instalment money on the fixed date.

Payment Protection Insurance – The additional product with the prime one

The PPI is a type of insurance that covers your repayments if you fail to pay the instalments. A certain percentage of the unemployed loan can be covered, and that may vary from person to person. If the insurance wraps 70% part of a loan of some other borrower, you may get either 60% or 75% cover. Everything depends on your overall financial situation.

TargetLoans is always ready to help you during the dark days after unemployment. With rational yet simple procedure, we give you money to fight the money mess. Do not wait, do not worry and visit us right here to find the financial peace.


When should you apply loans for unemployed in the UK?

If you think that your situation is requiring the extra financial help then you must go for the online borrowing. To get the guaranteed loans for unemployed in the UK, you just have to assure that your income credibility should return the amount on time. The best feature a lender can provide you is it accepts the applicant’s earnings from other sources as well. For example, freelancer, or doing zero contract hours.

Is guaranteed payday loan from direct lenders with no credit check safe?

Yes, you can easily trust on guaranteed payday loans even if you are having a low credit score. It is because the borrower can get the amount with the help of a unique feature. It applies with no credit check that prevents the mark of search print on the credit score.

Is it possible to get Loans for Unemployed with bad credit no guarantor?

Yes, there is a full scope to get the guaranteed loans for unemployed with bad credit score. The lender just needs an assurance that whatever amount you required needs to be paid on time. If you think that your other income sources can return the amount then the chances are high for you to get the quick approval.

What is the process of Guaranteed Loans for Unemployed?

The process to get the approval on guaranteed loans for unemployed having a good credit score is important. Once you have this, then you just have to fill the online application form with your essential details. Submit it and the loan approval as well as fund disbursal will be done on the same day.

How much amount can I get If am applying for short term loans?

Well, there is no precise answer for that because the amount that is given in short term loans for unemployed people varies from lender to lender. If you are applying at TargetLoans, then you can get the amount something between £500 to £1500 and that too very easily. If approved, the amount will directly be sent into your account within a few hours of the approval.

Can I qualify for the payday loan if I am unemployed?

Yes, you can apply for payday loans even if you don’t have a regular job, but make sure that you mention your side income that you earn to manage your expenses. There are direct lenders in the market who provide Payday Loans for Unemployed even if your side income is not that high but in that case, you will have to convince the lender that you will repay the amount within time.