Defining No Guarantor Loans from Direct Lender’s View

Are you unable to borrow money even after trying so hard?


Does no one like to be your guarantor due to bad financial record?

Well, there could be a strong reason behind this, and that has to be related to your inadequate financial circumstances somewhere down the line. Most people struggle in getting a loan because they are not able to find a trustworthy individual to provide a backup or either when they are dealing with poor credit rating.

With the option of no guarantor loan, there is still a possibility to acquire funds. To get approval, you do not need any guarantor that will automatically save a lot of time. Here, at TargetLoans, we are flexible with our lending procedures and disburse the fund even if the borrower lacks a good credit score.

no guarantor loans

How we provide no guarantor loans

Being a direct lender, we don’t make our borrowers wait in the long queue. With our streamlined online application procedure, you can apply for the loan without guarantor within a few minutes. All you need to do is follow the given steps below one by one:

  • Complete the online application form
  • Choose the amount that you want to borrow (up to £10,000)
  • Wait for the approval message
  • Disbursal of the amount (within same day possibility)
loan application steps

How Much Loans With No Guarantor Cost You?

What set us apart from other lenders in the UK is that we don’t do candy coating with false words. We stand up to our commitment made to the borrowers, and you will get the convenient service without any hassle. Our seamless process of lending will ensure that you receive the funds in the most comforting way possible.

We DON’T CHARGE any upfront fees or any other kind of obligatory charges on loans with no guarantor. Our funding comes with collateral-free structure where we offer competitive APRs even if you have struggling with bad credit score. All you need to do is fill the online application form, wait for the approval and nothing else.

Different circumstances where no guarantor loans can be availed

The ease and convenience to avail loans with no guarantor from direct lenders make it a reliable and fast option to secure funds. You can apply for the loan on various situations including:

  • Urgent vehicle repair
  • Avoiding any long term debt
  • If you are new in the city
  • Living as a tenant
  • Sudden travel plans
  • Paying bills

Apart from these, there could be many reasons where the loans without a guarantor can fit into the situation. Hence, make sure that the amount you will be choosing is adequate to handle the expenses of the reason why you are taking the funds.

Does the Credit Score Matter in No Guarantor Loan?

Well, there is no denying the fact that credit score is the fundamental sources that most lenders consider for approving the funds. At TargetLoans, we understand the fact that maintaining a strong credit rating is not always possible. We give leverage to the borrowers to get no guarantor loans with poor credit score.

Even if you are struggling with your credit score, there is a strong possibility to get loans for bad credit with no guarantor and no additional fees at an instant decision. But, the approval of the fund will be done on the following conditions, such as:

  • Your Income
  • Employment History
  • Rental Track-record
  • Credit Utilisation Ratio

No Guarantor Loans without a Credit Check: Is it a suitable option?

Is No Guarantor Loan Suitable without A credit Check?

Let’s face it! The first time borrowers meet a lot of difficulty in arranging funds because of their zero credit history. Now, to solve this riddle, we have also specialised the funding option where you can get no credit check loans with no guarantor leverage.

You will get the amount without getting your credit checked. Therefore, even if you are seeking funds for the first time, you can rely on us. Also, it gives a golden opportunity to the ones struggling with their credit scores to give it a boost by making timely and duly repayment.

The Possibility of No Guarantor Loans with a Very Bad Credit Score

With the tag of very bad credit rating, the option of gathering funds becomes very narrow because of the rigorous lending criteria set up by the lenders. On such situations, the need for funds can be very crucial.

This is the reason why we make it possible even to get very bad credit loans with no guarantor where there is no broker involvement.

Getting funds in a critical situation where your credit profile is not making you eligible can be highly beneficial. In this, we take other financial aspects of the borrower before approving the loan. We will let you know how soon you can expect the funds into your account after determining your creditworthiness with other factors. Keep this thing in mind when applying for very bad credit loans.

You might see a bit difference in the usual no guarantor loans. Here, we have illustrated the difference in the given table:

No guarantor loans Very bad credit loans
Amount you can borrow Maximum up to £10,000 Max disbursal up to £5,000
Rate of interest Will be moderate to high Comparatively higher
First-time borrower No credit check permitted Not possible to avail

Don’t wait for hours or days. Instead, apply now to avail the loan benefits and fulfil your financial need or desire.


Can I Get A Loan Without A Guarantor?

Yes, getting an approval on loan without a guarantor is easy because the direct lender brings flexible features to make the borrowing easy for them. A borrower does not have to rush to the doors of lenders because it access on online platform by filling an online application form. The lender also provides a borrower an approval on imperfect credit score under the borrowing of very bad credit loan with the feature of no guarantor.

Loans Without A Guarantor, Will I Be Approved?

If you are looking to avail the financial assistance of loans without a guarantor, then you have to prepare yourself with income prospects.  The document related to your income can help you to avail of even a bad credit loan from a direct lender. Therefore, you will be approved if you present your status as a trustworthy borrower by presenting all the documents in the first attempt.

How Can I Get A Loan Without A Credit Check?

There is a feature that direct lenders perform at the time of providing the approval, and that is no credit check feature. Under this function, you can get your approved loan without a credit check. Therefore, you have to stand with good earning and your valid bank account to get approval on unsecured borrowing.

Do TargetLoans Offer No Guarantor Loans?

Yes, the Target Loans UK offers the borrowing of no guarantor because the lender requires serving every borrower. It understands every situation, and that is the reason which brings you to deal with the fact that it offers no guarantor loans. By filling the online application form, you can get the funds depending on the income status.

Can An Unemployed Get A Loan With Bad Credit And No Guarantor Feature?

Even a jobless person can look for loans under unsecured borrowing. Not only that, they can provide both the feature of bad credit and no guarantor. It is because a person can present the required income from rental property and other sources as well, then getting approval can happen with ease.

Can i Get A Loan With Very Bad Credit?

Yes, you can get the loan on bad credit score. It is because the lender has structured the single borrowing of bad credit loan where you can acquire the features of no guarantor. At the time of its process, the no credit check feature gives a lenient check on the score and gives you approval depending on the income.